Better Life Through Knowledge,
Better Self Through Gnosis

Technology is the application of knowledge through physical means.

I had this epiphany this past year as I had to pause my product development to be a stay-at-home dad. I quickly learnt I had to wrap up product development because it was no competition to child development. I tied up loose ends, put the tech in a bubble and on the shelf. It was kind of funny “looking” at that tech bubble from the outside-in while I played with my daughter. It was easy to get caught up in the flash of tech and forget to be down-to-Earth.

In that moment, I think I reinvented myself and my world-view.

When my daughter started daycare and my lessons ended for the summer, I just picked up where I left off but with a fresh perspective. The tech will never be done – there is just too much knowledge to be applied through it. Tech is always catching up with knowledge and therefore tech’s always obsolete out of the box.

The big chunk of time that I had in the project management sense was all broken up into little shards of time scattered throughout the day in the child development sense. This was the reason why I had to put my tech in a bubble but it was also the reason I could take up guitar and university courses again and still be with my daughter. This is the reward of good time management in still staying productive! I could pick up a guitar and put it down right away – I didn’t have wait for it to boot up or boot down, and no damned alerts! I could do a quick song and learn its music.