FuzzyBit + Business Modelling

Keywords: business, model, scale

Reference: https://www.fuzzybit.com/mind-map

The FuzzyBit app is ready for beta testing. It’s a scalable application in important ways which means it can grow with you logistically, operationally and in design.

Scale is an important factor in business, too. Designing a product or service is great if that is your passion. As an entrepreneur the sooner you can scale your business the better.

What does scaling mean? First we need to understand models. Think of a model car. What do you want to know about that car? Its physical characteristics. A model sits in place of the real thing so that you don’t have to run around in the real-world looking for it. Instead of a car, think helicopter or ship. As long as you have the model, you can measure it and study it without having the real thing.

Having a business model is no different.

Another important point of a model is scale. Back to the scale model of the car. You know that if the model’s scale is 1:20 then you can easily measure the model’s wheel base or length and then scale up. Easy.

Knowing your business model is no different and is a competitive advantage for your business.

There is more to it but I will leave you with this:

I want you to think about your business and ways for you to model it so you can know its scale. That’s it. Until next time, happy modelling.