FuzzyBit App Ready for Beta

The FuzzyBit web development app is now ready for private beta testing.

Technical Overview

The FuzzyBit app is a hybrid of a CMS and a MVC framework that features a specialized binary tree layout engine referred to as XOO (XOO is actually part of the specification.) The XOO layout engine provides a user interface to create and edit web page layouts. The app is very flexible and customizable. The app has a fully RESTful API which is also extensible.

An open source license, open API and open standards will be part of the app after the beta.

Beta Testers

Beta testers are required to test the UI and the API. Testers will test creating web pages, websites and web apps using the FuzzyBit app. Beta testers are further expected to test the development of the larger business model. For that reason, there will be a 0.1 bitcoin fee for the beta period. Beta testers will be privy to any new business developments before anyone else.

Donations are also welcome.

Bitcoin Address


1st Address

Being part of the Bitcoin economy is an important step to providing confidence in this and other cryptocurrencies. At this point, Bitcoin will be the only medium of exchange on FuzzyBit and you are encouraged to participate in developing even greater value in this new economy.

Final Word

FuzzyBit is introducing a new model of development. The core architecture has all the structure from UI to API and the XOO is the keystone that bridges that gap between the UI and API. It streamlines the design and development process while reaching for the goal of working the way the web was designed to work.

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