Building Your Model of Success 2015

Building the model of success. That’s the theme we left with at the end of the year. The model of success stems from your executive stream. It’s you who is in control of the vision and mission of your business and therefore your model of success. What is your driving motivation? Do your customers and clients feel that way about you? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe maybe.

So, the executive stream is just one of the four streams of your business. Most will focus on the revenue stream. You will also focus on analytical and production streams. All four streams pivot on your core product or service. All four streams together help build up your business model and business plan.

I’ve created a simple web page that illustrates this for you. It shows you the different components of a business plan and how they all support the core products/services that you offer:

Play with it for a while and fit it to your needs. I’ve certainly used it in my product development.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Meetup. See you soon.

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