Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Meetup Wrap-up Feb. 19

The Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Meetup was small in size but large in design. The smaller group was more conducive to free flow of discussion, as opposed to the times when a larger group held round-table discussions. As always, input is valued.

An attendee had to cut her time short but gave a synopsis of her catering business. We discussed in the short time her business history and some challenges she faced.

I’m always amazed at the variety of businesses that face the same kind of challenges – on the one side, we’re human, dealing with on the other side, a technical nature.

The other two attendees, an artist selling her art online faced some growing pains getting a satisfactory shopping cart software in place. A workplace safety and health consultant who faces the task of talking risk management to those who do not think in risk management terms, is planning on building a training and testing application.

I had the chance to present the business-modelling framework at one point to try to help the business discussion. I presented the framework to pivot different streams of business logic – to streamline the discussion with the goal of creating definitive action.

Thank you to those who attended. It was great meeting new people in their respective ventures. Let’s look forward to meeting at the next Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Meetup.

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